Multifunctional Breathable Mandala Boho Round Lotus Beach Towel Wall Hanging Tablecloth Christmas Gift QD112001

Product Description
QTY:1PCS\r Feature:\r 1. Huge Size, 59 inches in diameter, easy to spread out and store things on the towel; \r Beautiful beach towl trimmed with little cotton balls.\r 2. Multi-function, light and elegant; beautiful floral fabric; retro style; Bohemian style; Printed Polyester fabric with lotus flowers.\r 3. Multifunctional Beach Towel: For Home Decor Purpose Like- Tapestry, Wall Hanging, Wall Decor, Wall Art, Wall Decals, For Gifts;\r Can also be used as a tablecloth, couch cover or window curtain and other home ornament purposes.\r 4. Suitable to be used in spring, summer, autumn and winter.\r 5. Washing Instructions: delicately washed by hand in cold water Only.\r
Hot Pink
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