Temperature change color ring(LOVE), Mood rings, a magic ring! A perfect gift

Product Description

16#: inner diameter: 16 mm circumference: 50 mm
17#: inner diameter: 17 mm circumference: 53 mm
18#: inner diameter: 18 mm circumference: 56.5 mm
19#: inner diameter: 19 mm circumference: 60 mm
20#: inner diameter: 20 mm circumference: 63 mm

Touch, rub, temperature change color change, pondering infinity;
Show a different personality, to attract the attention of others;
Feel the color change, feel the mood change;
Different environment is not the same color, magic like magic;
Mood ring (hand, pendants, beads) is a kind of temperature sensing color ring. Different colors represent the wearer in different moods, changing to black, coffee color, light yellow, golden yellow, red, the grass green, green, light blue, blue, blue, powder blue, violet wait for a variety of colors.
A temperature change of the ring (hand, pendants, beads) also called emotion or mood ring ring. The color ring can sense your temperature, test your mood. Color ring gem by rare earth material production, sensitive to temperature, because people's emotional changes, the body temperature will also be ups and downs, the ring can be based on the changes in body temperature and a different color.
Black and blue; orange tension;
Red worry; yellow anxiety;
Green complex; grass green fear;
Green - wonder; blue despair;
Light purple - cold; deep green - calm;
Blue purple - happy; purple - romantic;

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